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Building Construction Audits in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, being aware of your building's condition is hugely important. A building condition audit is a powerful tool that can be used to draw attention to any structural issues, as well as help guide the company making repairs.

If your building is not up to code, you need to know, which means you need a trusted company to perform a detailed audit that clearly outlines what needs to be done. Acosta Architecture LLC is a trusted, well established architecture firm in Houston, and has extensive experience producing comprehensive audits of buildings of all size.

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Importance of An Audit

As a building owner, you understand better than anyone the importance of occupant safety. It doesn't matter if the occupants are your family, tenants or employees, their security is of the utmost importance.

Building condition audits are essential, because they can uncover things that are easily missed by the untrained eye. Using the information learned from an audit, our clients are able to make informed decisions regarding the future of their buildings.

How Does The Audit Work?

There are a few key pieces of criteria that Acosta Architecture LLC uses when assessing a building which, combined with more specific criteria, help us properly determine its state.

The building's overall condition

We closely examine all aspects of the buildings infrastructure to determine its current condition.

Its current capacity

Every building is designed with a specific capacity in mind. Where does yours currently fall? If you're looking to increase the number of occupants, can the building accommodate them while remaining structurally sound?

Its level of functionality

Is your building still able to fulfill its assigned purpose, and will it continue to do so in the future?

Its predicted lifespan

No building lasts forever, so we examine your building's current state and make an assessment as to how much longer it can continue to serve its purpose.

Be Proactive, Contact Acosta Architecture LLC Today

Even the most well-designed buildings need to be audited, even if it's just to confirm they are still functioning as they should. With years of experience delivering concise, detailed audits, we are an ideal company to conduct an investigation into the quality of your building.

Be proactive, and contact us today to discuss how our auditing services can preserve the integrity of your building.

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