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Marshall's Mansion - Springfield, AZ

With any project, it's hard to think of a more important step than the planning phases. It's during this crucial period that a project starts to take form, where the budget is solidified and you can start to see your vision unfolding in front of you.

A Media Room is tucked into one corner of the Living Area under a lower celling to maximize sound projection and a long covered Screened Terrace orients all spaces to the swimming pool and the lake. There are also two guest suites on the second floor.

Shopper's World - Louisville, IN

Shopper's World is a large scale strip mall complex consisting of 10 buildings totaling around 300,000sqft. The site has excellent exposure from a busy highway of entrance on the east side. Meant to attract large size companies, the project was built with tilt up coloured concrete panels and fully leased before completion. The project was completed under our management, on time and on budget.

Foo Mastaki - St. Peters, MO

This is the first of a series of new corporate store prototypes throughout the US. It represents the evolution of Foo Mastaki into fine dining market with seating for up to 60 patrons. The entire project was designed in consort with Foo Mastaki's operations and their consultants. Acosta Architecture LLC was responsible for plan layout, all new materials, millwork design, fabrics, colour, and lighting.

Since the completion of this project, the Foo Mastaki restaurant has turned into a national chain with over 20 restaurants.

Mok Chin - Miami, FL

Mok Chin is an upscaled, yet casual, dining experience 20 minutes from downtown Miami. This site where this restaurant was built faces the ocean and has a magnificent sunset. Acosta Architecture LLC's design took into account all the nature surrounding the restaurant and created this spacious and open space with large glass doors which open fully for a breath taking view.

Harbor Plaza Hotel - Boston, MA

Acosta Architecture LLC was contracted to design the lobby area of the Harbor Plaza Hotel. There are more than 300 guestrooms and the operations team was looking for a designed with combined modern and elegant, while keeping this high traffic area efficient and open.

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